Creature tokens completed!

Today’s Patreon release offers a huge new token pack – delivering ALL creature tokens that were still missing from the free core setting!

In this pack, you will receive tokens for every single creature in the core setting that didn’t have a token yet:

  • Spirit Meadows
  • Roggits – including a bonus token with a group of three Roggits
  • Unbound Wolf
  • Unbound Commoner
  • Unbound Soldier – including the Spearman variant
  • Unbound Vengeance Demon
  • Swarm of Spiderbees

And as a bonus, you also get a token for the new Phaenec player race (which is available for patrons and on DTRPG).

Now you can use all Braythe core setting creatures in your VTT beautifully represented by tokens.

To get access, you only need to become a a member of “Art Hunter” level – that’s a mere 3 € or 4 $ a month. Barely the price of a good cup of coffee!

Become a patron now at!

And if you already are – thank you so much! Here is the link to the new release:

Enjoy and have fun 🙂


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