A whole new pack of content for patrons!

The world of Ashandri – and with it Braythe as a setting – grows month by month. As a patron, you get access to all written content before anyone else. And more often that not, that’s a whole bunch more than promised in the tier descriptions!

The last release included two new items, one related to the Phaenec player race, the other to the Flamegazer Halflings. There’s also a new spell developed by and for Flamegazer rogues, as well as a whole new background option for Phaenec players – the “Protector of the Tribe”.

While all this will be published elsewhere, too, you have to be patient unless you’re patron. But the good news is: For just 5 € (that’s 6.50 $), you can still become a member of the limited Lore Seeker tier and get access to the entire content archive (except for PDF versions)!

Enhance your game now and get maps, player races, items, locations, creatures, spells, adventures, … – plus amazing artwork and tokens! Sounds like a lot? Because it is!

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