New adventure: Vortex Bandits

“Where are we, and what is happening?!”

This mission to retrieve a magic item doesn’t just take an unexpected turn. It goes entirely off the rails and into unknown territory!

The fourth adventure release for Braythe: Shattered Realities leads your adventuring group into the more exotic areas of the Braythe setting. The heroes are asked to retrieve a powerful crystal from a treasury. But before they get it, someone else makes a move for the item.

In an attempt to finish their quest, the adventurers will step into truly unknown lands, encounter strange monsters and maybe even stranger allies. And the real opponents might be someone entirely different than expected.

It’s up to the heroes to decide whether they want to solve this adventure by fighting, negotiating or gaining friends. Either way, Vortex Bandits offers a unique experience that can leave a permanent impression on the player characters.

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