Eleven new generic NPCs for quick encounter builds

This week’s Patreon release is HUGE! You get 11 new NPCs, using a great variety of the original races and subraces from Ashandri. From the evil Shadowblood Priestess to the brave Areian Spirit Warrior, a Ragtag Tiefling Pirate Captain and members of the Voidguard: This pack has you covered for hours of fun and thrilling NPC interactions (and battles).

The NPCs come with a bit of lore & background info, as well as a complete NPC stat block accessible for patrons on WorldAnvil. They’re part of the huge additional content pack that will be part of the upcoming Roll20 release for the Braythe campaign setting. All NPCs have been designed to work with previously published character tokens, allowing you to easily use them in VTTs like Roll20!

If you’re already a patron, you can get access here:

Otherwise become a member of at least Lore Seeker level now for a mere 5 Euros / 6,50 $ a month – that’s just two cups of coffee to access my entire content archive including the new generic NPCs!

Enjoy and have fun 🙂


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