New city setting: Abrac – City in the Swamps

Welcome to Abrac!

Extending the world of Ashandri, we visit the land of Shamrua for the first time outside of the core setting! Abrac is one of the few large settlements in this land of swamps, located close to the edge to the Spirit Fields. Founded by Chazrac, the local population is highly diverse, including fairies from the neighboring land.

Abrac – City in the Swamps is not only the first time we visit Shamrua, it’s also the first system-agnostic release for Braythe: Shattered Realities. The book is designed to work with any fantasy setting and tabletop roleplaying system with little adaptation work.

With this release, you get:

  • A PDF with 51 pages including two organisations, eight NPCs, 29 locations and general information like demographics, history and a chapter on rumors and news that you can use as adventure hooks!
  • Three character portrait artworks that come as JPEG files as well as animated idle portraits (MP4)
  • High and low resolution maps including nine location maps and a regional map, most of which come in day and night versions

Get Abrac – City in the Swamps now:–City-in-the-Swamps


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