“The Orphans of Vinesnake Hill” – now on Roll20!

The second adventure for Braythe: Shattered Realities is now available on Roll20! Originally released as the introductory adventure for the Braythe Core Setting, “The Orphans of Vinesnake Hill” now comes with additional tokens and fully set up NPCs, creatures and Roll20 features like Dynamic Lighting and rollable tables.

What’s it about?

Missing people in a secluded town. Rumors of a cursed forest. Is your group ready to find out what is going on in the village of Vinesnake Hill?

“The Orphans of Vinesnake Hill” leads your group into a small village that suffers from the aftermath of a war. It begins in the town itself, and later leads the adventurers into a cursed forest to find the dark secrets hidden there.

Get the adventure now and start playing with minimum preparation work!

Have fun 🙂


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