Braythe Creature Tokens now on DTRPG!

The Braythe Core Setting has a whole set of new creatures, from the nightmarish Perishing to various Unbound Spirits and hybrid creatures like the Flowercats. But so far, only patreons had access to all the token artwork for these creatures. Now you can purchase them all in a big bundle available on DriveThruRPG!

With this token pack, you get artwork for:

  • The Perishing
  • Spirit Meadows (with and without glow)
  • Roggits (rock-possessing rabbit ghosts)
  • Unbound Wolf (ghost wolf)
  • Unbound Commoner (ghost commoner)
  • Unbound Solider (ghost soldier, in a swordsman and spearman version)
  • Unbound Vengeance demon (red ghost demon)
  • Flowercats, hybrid creatures betweens cats and flowers
  • Swarm of Spiderbees (swarm of hybrid creatures)
  • Giant Spiderbee (hybrid creature)

Upgrade your game and get the creature token pack now!

And have fun 🙂


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