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The future of Braythe – Part 2

Note: This is an update to the following blog post:

The OGL is safe – so what’s up with the future of Braythe now?

In case you’ve been on vacation on the moon or something, here’s the latest post of WotC regarding the whole OGL situation:

So yes, the license on which I built Braythe: Shattered Realities as a 5E setting is safe, for now. The whole drama still had a heavy impact on the project – it pretty much ruined the Roll20 launch (from a marketing perspective), and other things suffered, too. Still, at the very least, I don’t have to outright abandon creating 5E products right now.

Still, despite all attempts of WotC to win back trust, I want to be absolutely honest: Mine is gone.

A Braythe game system

During the time of insecurity mid-January, I was forced to look for alternatives. In the end, I realized that my own game system would have many advantages. Not just from a legal perspective – for example, I wouldn’t have to wonder about license questions if I decide to write a novel. The things that make Braythe unique – the aspects of healing and character growth – are a bit tough to implement in D&D. It’s possible, and a good game master certainly can achieve it. I’ve written whole articles as part of the Braythe setting on how to get there.

But that’s the thing: It feels like a tweak. You can do it in D&D, but other systems might just be a better match for all this. And so I began imagining what I would want from such a system.

Long story short: I have a whole bunch of ideas now, some of them pretty specific by now. And now that the ideas are here, I’m not going to abandon them anymore.

So, yes, there will be a Braythe Game System!

There will be more 5E releases

Naturally, creating AND playtesting a whole new game system isn’t done in a month or two. I also don’t want to do this fast, I want to do it right. In other words, I expect this to easily be a year-long endeavour, if not more.

And I certainly don’t want to abandon work on my setting in all that time. Which means, yes, there will be more 5E releases for Braythe! I have two very specific adventure concepts I’m already working on, and more in the backlog. Releases might be slower from now, but they will come.

And all I’m creating for 5E will, of course, be converted to my future Braythe system, as well!


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