New player race: Flamegazer Halflings!

Hey everybody,

today’s release brings you a unique new player race: The Flamegazer Halflings! Native to the Ember Wastelands, they embody both the Arabian Nights theme and the Fire Elemental theme of this region.

Along with the stats and background information, patrons receive the full artwork that shows both a female and a male Flamegazer Halfling. But that’s not all: The two characters are NPCs in the city of Tar-Jurani, which will be featured in a future release soon!

For just 5 Euros a month, you can get access to the Braythe Lore Seeker level on my Patreon page, and receive both the artwork and the full description of the Flamegazer Halflings. And of course, you get access the full archive of all previous posts! At the Arcanist or Champion tier, you also get access to the printable PDF version. (If you already are a patron, you find the post for the Flamegazer Halfling here!)

I hope you enjoy this new player race as much as I do, and that it will help you summon the magical feeling of 1001 Nights in your adventures in the Ember Wastelands!

Have fun 🙂


Creator of Braythe: Shattered Realities, worldbuilder, writer, and forever GM.