Braythe: Shattered Realities

Welcome to the Purple Void and the countless worlds of Braythe!

Ashandri, one of the reforged worlds hovering in the purple void of Braythe

What is Braythe?

Braythe: Shattered Realities is many things, but maybe the most important one is: Braythe is many campaign settings in one. It is currently available as a 5E campaign setting, work on a Braythe game system has already started.

This high fantasy setting features not just a single country, not even a single world, but countless worlds connected to each other by massive world-chains. Each of these worlds has experienced an apocalypse, and was reforged into something new before shifting to the dimension of Braythe.

Braythe: Shattered Realities is available on Roll20

The worlds and their various regions or countries, the chains connecting them and even the purple void itself are locations you can explore in your roleplaying games. Rich lore, diverse cultures and easy ways to travel from lush forests straight into a desert (or any of the other subsettings available) make adventures in Braythe a unique experience that never gets boring. You can even leave the world itself, without powerful magic, and travel from world to world over the chains, or explore the dangerous infinity of the Purple Void.

Braythe offers a multitude of player options, such as the many new player species and background options, new subclasses, magic spells and items, and much more. Aside from the Braythe setting and setting extensions, you’ll find adventure modules, map packs and even an upcoming actual play show!

The theme of Braythe

Whether your adventures in Braythe are lightweight or challenging, the overall theme of the setting is hopeful and positive. Stories follow the idea of From Surviving to Thriving, a concept that is taken from a therapeutic context and turned into a game experience focused on personal growth, healing and finding your place in life. While roleplaying is not a replacement for therapy, of course, the author deeply believes that it can be a therapeutic experience. (Disclaimer: Please don’t drop your personal trauma on your game group without consent.)

You can leave all that out and just use the setting’s wondrous locations and curious new creatures and species. If you want to use the theme, there are entire articles and helpful tips and advice on how you can create a campaign focused on building a better future for yourself and the world you live in.

A living, growing setting

Braythe is expanding! The core setting was released in February 2022, focusing on the world of Ashandri, but that was just the beginning. New locations, additional details on existing areas and even complete new worlds are the subject of extensions for Braythe. In summer 2023, an actual play show for Braythe will be released. Each adventure focuses on a different area of Ashandri, and will be accompanied by new product releases.

The Braythe adventure The Orphans of Vinesnake Hill is a great introduction to the campaign setting

Get into the Braythe community!

Do you want to talk about Braythe, or do you have questions for its creator? Welcome to the Braythe Discord Community! Join for free, have fun and get exclusive insights into the development of the Braythe setting.

The original trailer for the Braythe Campaign Setting (2022)
  • Desert Map Pack: 5 base maps, 17 variants!

    Desert Map Pack: 5 base maps, 17 variants!

  • New player race: Phaenec

    New player race: Phaenec

  • New player race: Flamegazer Halflings!

    New player race: Flamegazer Halflings!